Member Positions

***Budgeted Position: Amount of budget for each event will be given to the event chairman at the Kick-off Meeting.

NWCC stands for Northwest Community Church.  For ALL reservations at NWCC, please coordinate with the Steering Committee Secretary, Deb Karl.

Single Date Event Positions:

Bike Rodeo Chairman***

Bicycle aptitude “rodeo” put on by the SAPD, held in the parking lot of NWCC. Date is set by Steering Committee, and is in early March. The Bike Rodeo Chairman will contact the Student Services Officer (in September) to schedule her for the scheduled date, will send out info & reminders to the group and will organize the Bike Rodeo Committee of three to set up (according to the officer’s instruction), sign up Rodeo Riders, coordinate extra helpers/runners for the event, buy ribbons/medals/trophies and refreshments (drinks and fruit, cookies or popsicles), and clean up. The officer is great assistance with running the event.

Bike Rodeo Committee (5 positions)

Under the instruction/direction of the Bike Rodeo Chairman, a committee member might be asked to help set up event area with other committee members and the officer, assist with running the event and clean up, and possibly help with errands associated with snack and prize purchases.

Blessings Bash/Book Swap Chairman

The Blessings Bash/Book Swap Chairman with a committee of 2 will secure a date and advertise with the group, inviting other homeschool groups as well. We will be combining the book swap with the blessings bash for those who want to donate curriculum to other families. Along with the committee, setting up, cleaning up and contacting an agency for pick up of left over items will be required. The Steering Committee has a detailed list to provide you details and guidance.

Blessings Bash/Book Swap Committee (2 position)

Assist the Blessings Bash Chairman with all things needed to have a successful Blessings Bash which could include setting up, cleaning up and supervising the Bash.

Career Day Chairman*** (Subject to Member Numbers)

Secure a date, location, invite speakers to speak giving time limit, allow for Q&A at the end as well as a refreshment reception.  A program is desirable.

Career Day Committee (2 positions)

Assist the chairman as needed to make a successful event.

Christmas Party Chairman***

Responsibilities include planning, securing a location, and delegating to a committee for a holiday themed party in mid-December. Planning the food, crafts, and possible games are some of the usual things, but we love new ideas and activities so feel free to try new ideas.

Christmas Party Committee (1 position)

Assist the Christmas Party Chair with any/all preparations for the Christmas party.

Elf Louise Coordinator

Schedule time and date in August or September, by calling (210) 224-1843.  Have people sign-up for time slot they can attend, if interested.  Send out reminders as the date gets closer.  Rearrange schedule as cancellations happen and keep the Elf Louise staff updated on the size of the group.

God’s World News Coordinator

Take God’s World News magazine orders from members, collect money, order and get subscriptions to each family.

Graduation Coordinator (1 position for Seniors, 1 position for Kindergarteners)

Both senior and kindergarten graduation coordinators will coordinate a date and time together.  A possible idea is kinder graduation from 4 – 6 pm and then high school graduation from 7 – 9 pm.  You can ask moms of those age groups to help with the event.

Harvest Party Chairman***

Plan a fall themed party.  Secure a location, time and date, plan for food, crafts, games, whatever you feel led to do, with the help of your committee member.

Harvest Party Committee (1 position)

Assist the chairman with planning, set up and clean up, and help facilitate the event.

International Day Chairman (Subject to Member Numbers)

Participating families will choose a country, do a presentation, and bring a dish from that country for others to sample.  Costume attire is encouraged.  Choose date, secure location, email reminders, coordinate set up and clean up with committee, and field any questions.  Coordinate times, dates, details of set up and decoration with the committee.  If desired, purchase ribbons for participants and contests held, if any. Be prepared to take pictures.

International Day Committee (3 positions)

Assist the chairman with all planning, set up and clean up, and help facilitate event.

School Picture Coordinator

Responsibilities include securing a photographer and setting a schedule for the pics to be taken. Coordinator then publishes on the loop the place, date and schedule and then manages the communications with the loop. Coordinator is required to be there the day of the pictures and help with the flow of the people and to make sure that the photographer has what he needs.

Standardized Testing Chairman * Requires a 4 year Bachelor’s degree* (Subject to Member Numbers)

Responsible for setting up site, along with committee, for testing. Collect RSVP’s and order all the tests.  Date of testing week is set by the Steering Committee and is usually the last week in April.

Standardized Testing Committee *Requires a 4 year Bachelor’s degree* (5 positions)

Will proctor tests. MUST be available last week in April.

Valentine’s Party Chairman ***

With a committee, Valentine’s Chair will plan a Valentine’s party to include a Valentine’s exchange, craft, activities, cookie decorating, goodie bags, etc. Reserve a location, and notify the group of date, time and location.

Valentine’s Party Committee (1 position)

Assist the chairman with preparation of, set up and running of crafts and activities, etc., and clean up.


Multi Event Positions:

Care Calendar/Prayer Cards Coordinator

Receive requests from any member who is in need of a Care Calendar.  Collect the data/information from the person in need.  Go to website and set up the calendar using the information.  Relay the calendar ID and code to the group.  Follow up with the list and the person in need to fill in the gaps. Each month you will also need to write birthday cards for the moms that have a birthday that month.  You will be supplied with cards and stamps.

CFA (Fine Arts)/Magik Theater Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating group trips to the the theaters, as well as notifying group of showings, collecting money, paying for the shows, and sending out reminders prior to the shows. and

Fellowship Committee  (Mom’s Nights Out) (2 positions)

Assist the Steering Committee Fellowship Chairman, with purchasing needed supplies, set-up, during and clean-up of our Mom’s Nights Out. Child care provided. There are approximately 4 MNO throughout the year in October, December, February and April.

Field Trip Committee (4 positions)

You will be working with our Field Trip Coordinator to organize 1-2 field trips in the school year.

Kick-off & End of Year Pool Party Chairman ***

Secure location, notify group of date, purchase water and ice and work with committee to organize set up and clean up of event. This is usually a pot luck finger food event.

Kick-off & End of Year Pool Party Committee (1 position)

Assist the Pool Party Chairman with organization, set up and clean up of the event.

Park Day Planner

Assign dates, times, and places for park days.


You will regularly pray for our group, its members and families, at least weekly.  Pray for protection and traveling mercies for any NWHE event and all requests as they become known.  Make contact with those asking for prayer and follow up via email or telephone for more prayer needs or praise reports.  Possibly send prayers of encouragement over the website occasionally, whatever the Lord lays on your heart to do, and visit members in the hospital to pray for them.

Teen Fellowship Chairman***

Fellowship will center around all teens 13 and older getting to know each other through fellowship and activities that can include bowling, game night, etc., anything that will encourage teens to support each other in Christian endeavors, attitude and character.

Teen Fellowship Committee (2 positions)

Members will support the chairman, help come up with activities, find locations and facilitate the events.

Tween Fellowship Chairman***

Fellowship will center around all tweens getting to know each other through fellowship and activities that can include bowling, game night, etc., anything that will encourage tweens to support each other in Christian endeavors, attitude and character.

Tween Fellowship Committee (2 positions)

Members will support the chairman, help come up with activities, find locations and facilitate the events.