Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does Northwest Home Educators offer?

A. Northwest Home Educators offers field trips and holiday parties for the homeschooling children of our members. In addition to our field trips and holiday parties, we offer Mom Night Outs, a bike rodeo, and monthly clubs for our Elementary aged children and Tweens & Teenagers.

2. Is NWHE a CO-OP?

A. No. Northwest Home Educators is not a co-op. We do not offer classes of any sort. We are strictly a social group that provides opportunities for our homeschooling members to get their kids into social environments with other homeschooling children.

3. How many families participate in NWHE?

A. On average we usually have about 50 families that are members at any given time. This results in over 100 children being part of our homeschooling group.

4. Why do I need to hold a position when joining NWHE?

A. Our group is only successful when we all work together to make our group amazing. Some jobs are easier than others. Some require a monthly commitment while other jobs are a one and done type situation.

5. Why do I need to pay dues?

A. Dues in NWHE are used to book places for parties, run our website, and cover expenses associated with monthly clubs and other events held within the group. All dues collected go back into the group through events and running the website. Dues can change year to year based on the expenses the group is incurring to book events.

6. What are the ages ranges of children in NWHE?

A. We have children of all ages with in our group. We have families that have infants all the way up to teenagers in our group. We try to offer events for all our school-aged children, but children of all ages are welcome at our events.

7. Do you offer something for Tweens & Teens?

A. Yes, our tween and teen club is one of the highlights of our group. Our tweens and teens meet once a month for a time of fun and fellowship. As always, our teens and tweens are welcome at all field trips and parties. On average our tween and teens events have about 40 kids ranging from 10-16.

8. What does the elementary club offer?

A. Our elementary club meets once a month at a park for a time of play and craft or game. This is a highlight for our elementary-aged kids and offers usually a very large turn out of children. These club meet ups usually have about 20-30 families participating.

9. You offer a bike rodeo?

A. Yes, we have an annual bike rodeo each spring. Prizes and awards are given and a San Antonio Police Officer attends to speak with the kids about bike safety.

10. Are you a Christian Homeschool Group?

A. Yes. We are a Christian Homeschool Group that has members from all sorts of religious backgrounds. We have members that attend all sorts of different churches in San Antonio. We have members who are Catholic, Baptist, Assemblies of God, Non-denominational, United Pentecostal, Methodist, etc…

11. Do you have to register for Northwest Home Educators at a certain time or is registration open year round?

A. Our big push for registration is in the summer. Most of our members will join during the summer months before the beginning of the school year. By joining in the summer you don’t miss any of the scheduled events we host. However, with that being said, anyone can join at any time. We often have member who move mid-year to San Antonio join us half way through the year and they always integrate into the group just fine.

12. Is NWHE a friendly group?

A. YES! This is one issue many of members found when being part of other homeschool groups. Their kids struggles to make friends. Once they became part of NWHE their kids found friends rather quickly. Our group prides itself one how friendly we are.

13. How many kids are currently homeschooled in Texas?

A. The Texas Homeschool Coalition estimates that over 350,000 kids are currently being homeschooled in Texas.

14. I am wanting to start homeschooling, where do I start?

A. We always recommend checking out the Texas Homeschool Defense League website. It is full of information on how to start homeschooling, homeschooling laws in Texas, and form you might need to begin homeschooling. The Texas Homeschool Defense Leagues website is

15. What is the success rate of homeschoolers entering college?

A. According to a study that was done in 2004-2009, children homeschooled had a 66.7% chance of graduating from college while students schooled in a school setting had a 57.5 percent chance of graduating from college. Homeschooled students earned grade point average along the way also.